When Should I Get My Oil Changed in My Ford?

Whether you like to tinker on cars or you rarely ever raise the hood, you know that clean oil is a vital part of how your car functions. As it moves through your engine, oil not only lubricates the delicate components so that they run smoothly, but it also carries away microscopic metal bits, dust from the road and grime from other engine systems. All of this debris can result in slow-moving sludge that needs to be cleaned from your engine occasionally.

When to Get an Oil Change

Oil changes used to be advised for every three months or so, but with the advent of synthetic oils, car makers have pushed back oil change dates to around every six months or 7,000 miles. This interval can change to higher or lower, depending on how you drive your car. If you don't drive it much or never drive it above city speeds, your engine may not be burning off the condensation that accumulates in your oil. This condensation breaks down your oil and can also cause corrosion in the engine itself. In this case, you'll want to change your oil sooner so that it's always at its prime operating condition.

If you drive at freeway speeds while traveling to work or doing errands around Ida Grove and Mapleton, IA, it's easier on your engine and helps to delay your oil change intervals to every six months or so, depending on how far you drive. You can use your owner's manual as a general recommendation and adjust it higher or lower depending on your driving habits.

Bring Your Vehicle to Team Ford Lincoln

By bringing your Ford to our dealership in Denison, IA dealership, you're assured not only of the kind of expertise that comes from focusing on your car brand in particular but also that our knowledgeable mechanics will use factory parts and manufacturer recommendations for motor oil whenever possible. We'll adhere to Ford's quality standards and the guidelines for oil change intervals as laid out in your owner's manual so you know your engine is in the best of hands. We look forward to working with you soon!

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