If you love your Ford as much as we love ours, then chances are that you already took care of any post-winter maintenance once our west Iowa spring sprang. In case you haven't yet, you've still got plenty of time. Let our expert Ford service technicians here at Team Ford Lincoln Inc. give you a few pointers about where to start.

  • Change your motor oil and engine oil filter. This is one of the most vital steps you can take to help keep your engine operating efficiently and at all. It's also one of the easiest. If you're due for a flush and replenishment according to your factory maintenance schedule, all the better. However, you have another problem entirely if you've done both, and you're still leaving behind oil spots or slicks after pulling out of Ida Grove driveways or parking lots. They suggest that your line might have a crack or leak, and you'll want to get that patched up on the double.
  • Do a thorough fluid check. You've got more than a few fluid systems throughout your vehicle. Take a look at all their fill levels. That includes power steering, brake, and transmission systems as well as your windshield washer fluid tank and your coolant system. Do they seem low? Flush them, if your owner's manual suggests it. Then, give them a good topping-off. Note: some systems are entirely closed off from access by you. So, if they're low on fluids, you could have a leak somewhere. We suggest locating and repairing it post haste. Few things are worse than sitting on the side of the road somewhere like Mapleton, IA surrounded by unknown fluid pouring everywhere!
  • Fix your windshield and wipers. Small chips and cracks in your glass have big consequences. They can affect how well your airbags work, your seatbelt effectiveness, even the stability of your roof during a collision. If your wipers, on the other hand, are cracking or streaking, they're probably worn out and breaking down. Replace either or both ASAP. It can mean not only better safety in Manning-area traffic but also the visibility you need in bad Iowa weather.
  • Take a look at your battery and test your electrical systems. Batteries often last anywhere from as few as four to as many as six years. However, they can run down or quit right quick, especially after the toll of winter's chill and spring's moisture. Sometimes, it can even happen without warning. Be sure to test your battery's voltage. If it's low or the brick's plain dead, replace it. Check your cabin lights as well as your head, tail, brake, and daytime running lighting systems in the meantime. If electrical issues persist, sure, you might just have a blown fuse or a few dead bulbs. However, others can arise where they're more difficult to find and at the worst possible time for a Dunlap, IA road trip. That'll be a job, though, for a professional Ford service center like ours here in Denison.

You can do plenty more, too, with a bit of DIY auto service knowledge. You can check out your belts and hoses, inventory your vehicle's emergency kit, or do the "penny test" on tour tires for wear, among other simple tasks. Whatever your needs, however, you won't need to go it alone. Give our service department here at 1813 4th Avenue South a call or visit us to talk shop in person. Whether a Ford car or truck, SUV or van, we'll be happy to help you get your vehicle up, running, and road-ready in no time!

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