Six Easy Spring Car Care Tips from Team Ford Lincoln Inc.

We've already talked about getting your vehicle services for spring here on the blog but, today, we'd like to share with you some quick and easy tips on how to check your car for its spring readiness! With these 6 spring car care tips, you'll be able to give your Ford vehicle a good once-over and decide if it's in need of more serious servicing or not. Let's take a look:



  1. Clean and wax your vehicle. All the dirt and salt from winter roads can cause damage to your paint job and to any exposed metal on your ride. Clean it all off to prevent further damage or rust.
  2. Clean out your cabin. A season of accumulated dirt and garbage can leave any cabin feeling cramped and cluttered. Throw it all out, wipe down your surfaces, and vacuum out the foot wells to revitalize your cabin.
  3. Check your tire pressure. Warm air expands so, if your tires were pressurized properly for cold winter air, it might be a good idea to get them checked to ensure optimal efficiency and control.
  4. Consider replacing your windshield wiper blades. Ice, snow, and kicked-up dirt can rip up the soft rubber on your windshield wipers. If yours are leaving streaks, a new set is absolutely the right move.
  5. Take a look under the hood. If you notice any cracking or brittleness in any belts or pipes, you'll want to get them looked at and potentially replaced.
  6. Get your suspension and alignment checked. Pot holes, cracks, and frost heaves in the winter can do a lot of damage. If you notice anything strange about how your vehicle rides or if you're pulling to one side or the other, get these checked out.

If you need any assistance with your spring car care, or if you have any more serious repairs, you can schedule a service appointment right on our website and leave the hard work to our service technicians. For everything else automotive-related, we look forward to serving you here at our Denison, IA dealership serving the Ida Grove, Mapleton IA, Manning IA, and Dunlap IA areas.

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